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Will You Fast or Will You Feast?


Will You Fast or Will You Feast?

There is a Ramadan that is arriving and

there was a Ramadan that has passed by.

They were the Sahaba who fasted in the scorching heat of deserts

We are finding it difficult to fast in our air conditioned cabins.


For them Ramadan was a month of Ibaadah ( worship)

For many of us, Ramadan has become a month of festival.


Their preparation was in the form of announcements of glad news for those who fasted and those who prayed at night

Our preparations are in the form of colouring houses, stitching pillow covers, curtains and bed sheets.


They enjoyed their ‘fasts’

We enjoy our ‘feasts’.


Their fasts were identified by hunger and thirst

Our fasts are identified by fast foods and colas.


They could count the number of dates they had for iftar or suhur,

We can’t count the number of dishes we have at iftars and suhurs.


In the last ten days they searched for Laylatul Qadr

In the last ten days we search for heavy discounts in shops and malls.


They stood in their prayers till late nights adoring their Lord

We stand in our malls, markets and eateries till late nights adoring our brands.


They focused on reciting Qur’an

We focus on Khatm e Qur’an.


Virtues of Laylatul Qadr were reminded in sermons and personal discussions

Today we are reminded about “sales and 50 % Offs” for shopping in Ramadan.


Right from the first day of Ramadan they waited for Laylatul Qadr.

Right from the first day of Ramadan we wait for Eid moon.


In those days Qaris with beautiful recitations were preferred

In our times Qaris with beautiful speed are preferred.


They went into Ibadah in seclusion

While we prefer to go Iftar parties.


That was a Ramadan that passed by

This will be a Ramadan that will arrive.

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