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Why should we dust our bed sheets?

Screenshot_2016-03-28-23-22-04The wisdom behind dusting one bed sheet before sleeping.

Why should we dust our bed sheets?

This is what is what we’re going to reveal and here is where the scientific challenge and the conclusion by western scientists:

When someone sleeps some dead cells die and are dropped onto his bed sheet..

And whenever he wakes up he leaves it behind and hence it accumulates.

This dead cells are invisible by naked eyes and can hardly be destroyed.

When the quantity of these dead cells increases they easily penetrate back into the body causing serious sickness… May Allah forbids.

These western science tried to destroy the cell using various disinfectant such as dettol and the like, but all in vain… The dead cells neither moved nor disappear.

One of scientist said, he tried the dusting as in the Hadith three times and was astonished to find that all the dead cells disappeared!!

The Prophet saw:

“Whoever goes to his bed, he should dust his bed three times, because he doesn’t know what was left behind….”.

Most people think it is a way of eliminating small insects but don’t know that the issue is so much greater than that…

It is very sad to find that most of us ignored such teachings of the Prophet PBUH.

Kasmani Dollah




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